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Upstate New York Club Grand Prix is a chapter of ClubGP (www.clubgp.com). The club's members are car enthusiasts from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and the surrounding area who own 1997 or newer Grand Prixs, GM W-Body cars or a car with the 3800 V6. The club has informal meets at local establishments and has members who race at the NYIRP 1/4 mile drag strip and in local SCCA Solo II events.
Currently, most of the club communication and information can be found at the UNYCGP Forum. Some of the club's pictures and video are hosted at the UNYCGP Media Page (media.unycgp.com).
If you are interested in joining the club or are looking for information about the Grand Prix/Impala/Monte Carlo/Regal, please contact us or visit the forum. There are no formal membership requirements. Just sign up at the forum, inttroduce yourself and come out to meet us sometime!
Send e-mail with any questions or comments.